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In 1918 G Y Stevens joined O R Nel, who had been practising on his own in Greytown since 1906 and the firm name Nel and Stevens was registered on the 17th June 1918. The business was situated in the old Standard Bank building in Pine Street Greytown.

In 1924 O R Nel retired from the practice when he was elected to parliament for the Newcastle constituency. In 1927 Percy Manning joined G Y Stevens and that partnership continued until G Y's retirement in 1949. The firm had now moved to the Tatham Buildings which were immediately below where FNB is now situated. In 1954 G Y's son, Tiny joined Percy Manning. In 1968 the firm moved to its present location in Voortrekker Street.


Barry Kruger was admitted as a partner in 1973 and a year later Billy Fourie, who had been working as an articled clerk and assistant since 1969, joined Percy, Tiny and Barry as a partner.

Percy Manning retired in 1974. Roy Harris became a partner in 1984. In 1989 Tiny retired and in 1987 Andrea Robertson, who had been an Articled Clerk since 1985, became a partner to form the partnership of Barry Kruger, Billy Fourie, Roy Harris and Andrea Robertson. In 1995 Andrea left the firm and moved to Cape Town to further her studies. Barry's son, also Barry, joined the firm as a professional assistant in February 1996. He was made a partner on 1 March 2002. The existing partnership consists of Barry Kruger, Billy Fourie, Roy Harris and Barry Kruger. 

The partners are all actively involved in community affairs. Barry has been Chairman of the Junior and High School committees, is a Rapportryer and been an elder in his church for many years. Billy is a past O.C of the Umvoti Commando, Chairman of the Governing Body of the High School, a Rapportryer and a chief elder in his church. Roy was a Round Tabler (twice Chairman), a Director of NTE, on the Board of Governors of Wembley College, Vice-Chairman of the Governing Body of Maritzburg College and a committee member of the Umvoti Agricultural Society.

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